Adref Noa

The AdRef-Noa is a new type of adsorption chiller belonging to the MAYEKAWA NATURAL 5 program. The AdRef-Noa uses the ultimate natural material “H2O” as a refrigerant. The power source of the AdRef-Noa is hot water; therefore, electricity consumption is very low. As a result the COP can be reached as high as 9.0.*1

The European Union has drawn up “20-20-20 rules by 2020”. (20% Reduction Green house gas / 20% Reduction Energy consumption / 20% Improve Renewable energy part in all energy)

The AdRef-Noa is one of the best solutions. Customers can improve the amount of renewable energy used because they can use, for example, hot drain water from the factory, geothermal heat, hot springs, vapor condensate, waste heat from fuel cells and solar heat as a power source.