MAYEKAWA’s European division was started in Brussels, Belgium in 1971. Our business began with bare compressor sales and maintenance support. Later, we started compressor unit production, sales and maintenance support, meat processing robot sales and maintenance, special freezing facilities, and heat pump production and sales. MAYEKAWA applies our technology in various fields while continuously evolving and improving our technological expertise in refrigeration and contributing to the continuous improvement of people’s lifestyle.

MAYEKAWA European division offers our products to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India and the Oceanic market. We have established offices in 14 countries.

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The factory for MAYEKAWA Europe’s operations division, located near the Brussels International Airport in Belgium, produces CE-PED, GOST and other standard units as well as the design and development of custom-built gas compression systems and special systems for chemical plants.

MAYEKAWA European division is one of the leading companies for refrigeration and gas compressors in the European market.

MAYEKAWA also produces a unique robot which has been introduced into the meat processing industry. Top sensor technology and meat handling system, developed through the application of technological expertise and entrepreneurial know-how accumulated from years of experience, are incorporated into this robotic system. This has resulted in improved food-processing hygiene levels and quality. This unique system has also allowed meat processing companies to work through labour shortage issues with no decrease in productivity.


recognized by ATMOsphere as a Best-in-Class manufacturer

We are honored to be recognized by ATMOsphere as a Best-in-Class manufacturer of natural refrigeration solutions. The use of natural refrigerant technologies...

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