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  • Essential cookies: some technical cookies are needed to browse, and they are not stored directly on our website nor are they directly accessible from our website. These cookies contain no personal data other than your IP address, which is necessary to surf the Internet. They are necessary to assist the user in browsing the website or to return to the previous page. You can check these cookies through the parameters of your browser, but if you refuse the cookies this can hamper the proper operation of our website.

  • Statistical cookies: Statistical cookies (or analytical cookies) collect information about your browsing habits on our website. With that information we can improve our website. This statistical survey is strictly anonymous, but we can infer which pages are visited most or least and know the general usage habits of our website. It is also a means to track the browsing problems that occur on our website. We use certain analyses from Google Analytics. You can disable this in different ways depending on the browser you are using (modules and third-party extensions, blocking the website For further information on the Google Analytics function please refer to the Google Analytics policies.

Through the cookies that the website uses, you cannot be directly identified as a person. After all, the data related to the cookies may not be associated with a name or a surname, since they do not contain any information of a personal nature. We will do all possible to comply with your preferences. However, it may happen that a cookie is used that you do not want to be used. We therefore recommend you to adjust the cookie settings on your internet browser through the "Help" function. Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies, but you can set your browser to refuse all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent. It is possible that some functions and services on our and other websites may not function properly if cookies are disabled in your browser.