Spare parts

What makes MAYEKAWA Compressors so reliable? The sum of their parts!

High tech production facilities and quality assurance management:

MAYEKAWA genuine parts for refrigeration compressors are designed and manufactured at MAYEKAWA's Moriya factory in Japan using state-of-the-art production facilities which meet ISO-9001: Quality Management Systems.

Product warranty:

If any defect in material or workmanship is found or if any malfunction is encountered with a MAYEKAWA refrigeration compressor during the 18 month warranty period, MAYEKAWA will repair or replace the defective parts free of charge based on our in-house warranty rule.

Continuous improvement and change in design:

MAYEKAWA continually strives to improve the components and replacement parts of its refrigeration compressors in order to maximize reliability. The results of improvements are distributed through "Instruction Manuals", "Service Manuals" and "Service News" and are reflected in the R&D activities for new products and new technologies on a continuing basis in order to offer the finest refrigeration equipment and systems available in the world today.

Worldwide service network:

MAYEKAWA's worldwide service network assures the availability of MAYEKAWA genuine parts for refrigeration compressors in 29 countries and 57 depots outside Japan. There will always be a supply of MAYEKAWA genuine parts close by to meet your immediate needs.


The use of non-genuine parts available in the international marketplace may cause abnormalities in MAYEKAWA refrigeration compressors, including the following:

Decline in performance - Capacity reduction - Reduced life span